Friday, February 3, 2012

Goodbye, cruel world

Goodbye, cruel world                                                            

Holding tightly to Your damaan,
I’m losing my grip on reality.

Serving You and myself ... it’s like
straddling two horses at full gallop.

But, in truth, You’ve given me no choice.
For that I am grateful.

Boxed into a corner, fending off the blows –
You above me, battering me to my knees –

I glance into Your eyes and see ...
Infinite Compassion.

The fight goes out of me.                                                     
I’ll never again be the man I was.  
I’ve received an inkling of Your love.      
Your love – the whole world is drenched in it

as You labor to bring forth
from my recalcitrant body,

the true, the pure, the immutable.
Your love requires two

to slip through the ropes,
One to emerge ...  Victorious!

O child of God, bid the world farewell
and see the compassion upon which it is built. 



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