Saturday, April 7, 2012

I choose angels

I choose angels                                                                            

I began to hear a silvery, tinkling sound
occasionally in my left ear – tiny bells

delicate as if they grace
the anklets and bracelets

of angels hovering near my shoulder.
Their music makes me smile.

Tinnitus – the audiologist diagnosed.
What does he know? 

I choose angels.  
Sent by You to awaken
and remind me of Your holy Presence. 
The commonplace mistaken for Your handiwork?  

If I could mistake everything for You,
I’d be that much nearer the Truth.

If I could hear angels everywhere –
I would discover You where You always are.

Haven’t we repeated it endlessly? 
Everywhere . . . and in everything . . . .

O child of God, the worth of anything is determined
by how much closer it brings you to the Beloved.


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