Thursday, June 27, 2019

A bee in my bonnet

A bee in my bonnet                                                                        

Ever since I heard of that honey-laden hive,
I’ve had a bee in my bonnet,

a brain-itch that can’t be scratched.
A nagging thought that I must have

forgotten something vital – misplaced a key,
unable to remember where I left it.

Thus, have I been for my life’s better part
unable to pay the world my full attention –

reluctant to make its necessary choices.
I don’t believe in choices anymore.

I believe in karma and compulsion –  
to obey or ignore their urgencies.

The Avatar of the age has come
to guide, instill and accentuate

yet another compulsion – the blood-deep
burning need to know who I really am.

O child of God, follow that bee
back to the honey in the rock.

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