Saturday, May 9, 2015

Your kindly indulgence

Your kindly indulgence

At your suggestion, I've been calling -
entreaty, praise, repetition of Your name

all the while longing for a love
to seal my lips, steal my tongue,

leave me rifled and speechless
on the side of the road.

Feel like I need a good talking to,
a dressing down, escorted from the building

a burned-out hulk unsteady on my feet,
certain aspects, presumptions

reoriented or removed entirely,
once more on the path I've never left

can never leave and yet
every now and then, I need

a good rough and tumble,
a no holds barred heart to heart

talking to, a dressing down.
O Lord, I await Your kindly indulgence.

O child of God, you ignore your Beloved
for long periods and then crave His attention.

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