Saturday, August 16, 2014

The unlit wick

The unlit wick                                                                                           

I search the world for light and warmth
while, apparently, my heart is made of tallow;

no way or will on earth or within to spark the unlit wick,
but You promise over lifetimes

adversities and satiations, acquiescence
and perceptions will scrape away the crust

and expose the whole ball of wax;
its absolute vulnerability to flame and dissolution.

When ignorance comes from accumulated wisdom;
when love cleaves from romance and desire;

when heartache reveals its inherent beauty;
when grief becomes a humble dismantling

of the false, by grace will the interior candle be lighted,
the veils catch, the whole tinderbox house go up in flames.

O child of God, you seek light and warmth.
The Godman is the bearer of the torch.

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