Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lighting a candle

Lighting a candle

I saw the Friend
shining in your eyes.

Beheld by His kindness,
my heart and body remembered

the holy companionship
my mind had worn out and misplaced.

I heard my silent Master
in your throat -- voice and laughter --

stepping daintily, for a few moments,
outside time's flow.

I felt the touch of the Friend
in the softness of your eyes;

His unwavering good spirits
in the cup of your smile.

Anew, I experienced
the awe and reverence

I had frittered away over the years --
(down to the last scraps and tittles) --

recouped by the posture and demeanor
of your body humbly kneeling before His chair.

Lighting a candle with a candle
in the heart of this late autumn evening.

O child of God, your Beloved comes to you
in countless and ingenious, multifarious ways.


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