Saturday, April 26, 2014

In the wake of Your silence

In the wake of Your silence

Your image in the neem tree
outside Mehera's window,

sort of a toss-away miracle -
like a chip falling where it may -

a goodbye kiss after dropping
Your coat - obvious, irrefutable.

Not so obvious, irrefutable always -
Your handiwork, patterns You left

in the wake of Your silence
and non-teaching

about how the game works,
how it should be played;

about Your constant companionship.
Not so certain, evident as the tree

but there for the ear, eye, heart and brain
to imagine, to accept, more or less on faith,

here and there, Your mark
as a signpost, a milestone, a roadblock;

as a prodding, sweet succor, a timely cue;
as a kiss - Your silent, intimate assurance.

O child of God, not a sparrow falls
contrary to His plan and will.


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