Saturday, June 25, 2016

Out of earshot

Out of earshot        

Enough words, my Lord said, in His silence
but in fact, o seeker, you’ve always been

satisfied with words marked as true,
measuring your appraised worth

against those gathered, long ago
uttered words and their echoes –

sound waves crashing on an empty shore;
words always read from someone else’s book.

It’s taken you so long to hear it –
truth doesn’t enter through the ear.

Seeking the living among the dead,
you’ve gather around you like a consensus,

cardboard and paper gravestones
as you pray so touchingly, beseech so effetely

with borrowed, lifeless images and ideas for a truth
that was never there for you or has long since fled.

O child of God, are you not yet tired of words?
Seek the truth out of earshot – in the cavern of your chest.

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