Saturday, July 2, 2016

One brushstroke

One brushstroke                                                                                               

He Who gifted the most gifted –
every saint, genius and artist who ever

existed – is painting every moment
a meticulous portrait of existence

while nearby I stand, standard issue
brush and palette in hand.

What new theme or rectification,
what shade and stroke dare I contribute

to His underlying expertise –
even to my own small portrait and portion

of the vast canvas – when anything at all
is a presumption beyond my ability and limited view?

Surely, my judgment and opinion
will only add to the chaos and conflict

of all the other countless contributions,
perspectives, advocacies and interdictions.

Surely, the less the infinitely better –
a humble acknowledgement and yielding

to the autonomy, authority, the vision,
the omniscient artistry of the Master.

O child of God, forgo the temptation to add
even one brushstroke to God’s creation.

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