Sunday, February 12, 2012

Toward a rendezvous

Toward a rendezvous                                                                     

Every moment I’m being ushered
into the presence of the King.

Abducted, heavily cloaked –
the horses gallop, the coach hurtles

toward a predestined rendezvous
across the river.

After millenniums, the tide is turning,
gaining momentum, sweeping everything out to sea.

Our gazes meet as the water swirls
urgently around our ankles.

It matters little now if loved ones are
swept beyond arm’s length –

we are bound for the same depths,
our fate sealed, our salvation assured!

In this last measure,
approaching those fabled gates,

I keep them in my heart,
souls interlocked, enfolded ...

into the turbulent embrace
of Arms Everlasting.

O child of God, Love has drenched you to the core.
For such Grace, your life is the only proper barter.


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