Saturday, April 20, 2013

To have not the heart

To have not the heart

The Godman came to give the Word
yet, firmly sealed His mouth to all entreaties.

If you can slice open,
with the very fine blade of surrender,

your heart to that, if you can speak to it
affirmatively with the dry wit of a dust grain

or, add to that great silence, the enduring silence
of a stone then, perhaps, awaiting you, o lover,

(so the Master says) just around the bend,
is the promised Word and the promised Ear.

The Godman came (again) to give hope
and to crush hope, to give the law

and to sow the seeds of chaos,
to mend and reconcile, to rend and separate,

to empower and eviscerate, instruct and confuse,
to act as one with karma, to reveal the path

and to remove it from our daily thoughts.
O child of God, choose between yourself and God.

Simple as that.  Better yet, have not the heart
nor strength, to lift a finger of protest or desire.

O child of God, to (possibly) know your Father
is to abandon all hope of understanding.


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