Monday, April 2, 2012

The tending of the fire

The tending of the fire                                                                     

There’s a fire in the flesh
that must be tended to

and a fire in the wine and a glint of fire
in the ruby of the heart.

Wine’s fire enough, in time,
will sodden and subdue the fiery flesh;

the heart’s ruby steady the drunken gait
and become a lamp unto the path.

But, o child, when the glint in the heart’s stone,
(by the Master’s grace), flares and flames,

honor and nurture this fire –
anything you are called upon to do,

anything that can be done.
This fire is the beginning of revelation
and the path home,

the ancient, scattered remnant
lighting our way inward
towards the Source and the Goal.

O child of God, the appearance of fire is grace
and, also, grace – the tending of the fire.  


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