Saturday, December 22, 2012

Stained by hope

Stained by hope                                                                             

We stand and pray O Parvardigar
with folded hands, quaking hearts

and all the faith and hope we can muster.
We stand and pray and You say

we must shed our hope –
which leaves only our naked faith.

Preserver and Protector of all,
we pray because we suffer

vulnerability and impermanence
and You say our faith is stained

and diluted by our hope.  Yes,
I accept that but for me, not in God.  

My hope and faith is in You.
In the life You gave the world.

I say the prayers You participated in. 
There are no other words left to me

which give more than their meaning --
which give solace and faith and hope.

O child of God, stand before your Father.
Say the prayers, naked and honest as you dare.

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