Saturday, October 20, 2012

To Whom I write

To Whom I write                                                                                

Sometimes, I lose track of my soul
writing this poetry, believing words

are the goal and for others
I’m spilling (like blood from a vein)

ink upon the page, but I’m reminded
at the heel of every missive –

O child of God – to Whom I write
and to whose benefit I pursue

this circuitous alchemy of words.
Lord, You leave me no choice –

by that I am ever tormented
and for that I’m ever grateful. 

You keep shutting the door
to any possibility of another life. 

Hewing it down, accompanying me
in my worldly pursuit, as I sort

through the muddled vagaries of Illusion,
renounce the false and cling to the true

and, among the history of seekers,
renowned and anonymous, take my place.

O child of God, there are only two – child
and Father – until there is only One.


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