Saturday, August 4, 2012

Those human years

Those human years                                                                        

You became the Word and observed silence,
vowing the whole of Your advent

and adventure Your silence to break but,
all those human years, You held Your tongue.

Perhaps, Your silence was broken
when the Word was broken

and Your bones, like hatchets,
were buried under a stone on a hilltop

made sacred by Your sandal prints,
silence and sweat, or, as Eruch suggested –

You broke Your silence, even as You kept it
which would explain the multitudes

who turned up at Your door,
who answered and, still yet, answer

Your call – Come all unto Me.
You became the Word and that was the answer

and the breaking of Your silence,
at the same moment, the reply

to God’s original inquiry and to the heart’s
continuous suffering, a reciprocal answer

assuring us we are not alone
in our silence and in our solitude.

O child of God, listen for God’s answer and,
failing to hear it, His thundering, silent Affirmation.


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