Saturday, November 24, 2012

Assortment of blessings

Assortment of blessings                                                                 

A lover arriving from the west, the end
of her long quest to meet the Beloved. 

Tomorrow, You said; 
Eruch protesting – she’s come so far;

she so wants to see You.
Tomorrow, You said,

she will want to see Me even more. 
The assortment of blessings You give

is the longing to see You even more
a fiery, chafing treasure,

at times, requiring You to give nothing ...
or, even, take away.

The treasure You give I squander daily
on the heart’s rank strangers –

little or nothing left for the Giver.
You knock upon the door,

waiting to take birth
and are ever turned away –

while on the outskirts, I wait also
having not accumulated enough

seared flesh to purchase the ticket
and be ushered into Your waiting arms.

O child of God, the blessings of your Beloved
are dissimilar to the blessings of the world.


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