Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The death of desire

The death of desire                                                                                 

Desire only to be desireless, my Lord said.
But that’s the story of my quest!

Unwittingly, I have lifelong pursued
the death of desire (and failed).

In every stage and phase, every permutation,
I have endeavored by strict indulgence to slay

once and for all that indefatigable dragon
that keeps roaring back from the ashes;

to quench its insatiable voracity;
to quell its constant fire which has solely

fueled my quest, to rest (at last) eternally
in that ice-coated, God-promised peace.

Fashion me a sword, o Lord,
to ultimately slay that dragon,

driving it deeply into the exact
hidden, sweet, deadly spot.

O child of God, love is the absence of desire;
when the pendulous heart finally settles into rest.  

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