Saturday, September 20, 2014

A grass hut

A grass hut

God has no boundaries.
Make Him the hub (said my Lord)

and He will someday also
become the periphery.

Walk with Him this immediate realm,
at some point you'll enter the other -

lose your own boundaries.
God tolerates (apparently) for the sake of illusion,

our claims of authority, the iron pins
by which we stake our properties.

Only on rare occasions does He trespass -
a revelation, a vision, an inexplicable synchronicity.

God has no boundaries.  That is the sobering truth,
the great fear to which we must attend -

utter vulnerability and ultimate non-existence.
Like an elephant entering a grass hut

(if He has a mind to) - no locks, barricades; no walls,
no appeals to our sovereignty will keep or contain Him

as He invades and supplants,
obliterates the structures of our beings.

O child of God, Meher did often avow -
we are not we but One.

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