Saturday, December 13, 2014



Life is a dream, my Lord said.
I was glad to know it.

Twenty odd years later, I heard Him
phrase it in an different way -

o lover, you are dreaming Me.
I'm no more real than you.

I am, said my Lord, whatever
anyone takes Me to be,

dependent upon their character -
Godman to some, fraud to others,

a photograph, a name in passing,
an anonymous cipher in the human throng.

Then, what You are saying,
I replied, is also a dream.

Everything is zero, said my Lord.
Faith in Me is zero into zero -

it equals zero.  I'm at sea, I said.
Not yet, He replied, but you're getting there.

In order to drown, you have to let go
of everything that holds you up.  

O child of God, the child is a dream; God is a dream;
this idea, this poem ... also a dream.

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