Saturday, August 4, 2012

Your brightly lit windows

Your brightly lit windows                                                                

I became a seeker not knowing
the incongruity of the search;

it was myself I had lost.  An inquisitor,
a thousand questions lay under my tongue.  

You say, Love ask no questions,
but my love is ever trembling on the lips,

rapping on the windows.  
My love is desperate to break into the house

where Your love resides. 
My love asks for a deeper communion,

an unencumbered embrace, for the complete
torpedoing of my facile buoyancy.

My love asks for dissolution and dispersal –
not into debris, but into wholeness and holiness,

into whatever it is I have glimpsed
through Your brightly lit windows.

O child of God, ask for love that seals
the lips and turns the heart to ashes.

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