Friday, May 27, 2016

God's vision

God’s vision            

Consider for a moment God’s vision,
the fidelity of His creation –

indiscriminate laws in unyielding self-adherence,
intended and fitted to convince us

every holy moment we are who we seem to be –
a life independent with a real past and future,

other than the moment,
other than Him, other than That.

Down to the infinitesimal minutia,
fashioned and nailed

with a luminous, transcendent artistry
so His game of love’s hide and seek

might be heartily, earnestly, desperately
engaged in good faith; meeting us

everywhere we turn, as we must
ultimately meet Him everywhere in return,

the adventure, the miraculous excursion worthy
of our ultimate ecstatic triumph and defeat.

O child of God, consider for a moment God’s vision,
His wondrously intricate faithfulness and care.

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