Saturday, December 6, 2014

Various apples

Various apples

We desire in human love
only the best for the perhaps

various apples of our eyes,
our clutched-to-the-breast beloveds,

its great failing the truth
we know not exactly

what is best and what constitutes
further entanglement on a field so sad

and vast as time and creation
and what is pure and what is tainted

from hearts sorely cleaved and teeming;
sorely cleaved and teeming.

Love Divine, on the contrary, said my Lord,
is not created but bestowed (divinely);

wants nothing, has no center, no motive,
no standpoint, no hub, beginning in the light

of non-existence and never straying
into the shadowy realms of the illusory self.

O child of God, wish your loved ones the best.
You are so very far removed from Love Divine.

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