Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bulldog tenacious

Bulldog tenacious

Am I bulldog tenacious,
holding on to Your damaan

in my faithful querying
the truth of Your claims,

Your promise, Your status?
Or, are You the bulldog?

Your jaws never loosening,
not a moment's respite

in the teeth of Your love,
love's foment and agitation

bursting at the seams, rising to the surface
at every odd and fortuitous angle,

dragging me where You will, where I will
take in, at last, the rich and charnel breeze,

open my decaying chest to absorb
Your immortal answer

to the haunting, harrowing, pitiless question
Your presence has provoked in me.

O child of God, you follow your Beloved
but all you really want, is to go back to sleep.

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