Thursday, August 30, 2018

The trick

The trick                                                                                                   

When you try and try, said Lao Tzu,
the world is then beyond the winning.

To attempt (or strive)
is one definition of the word try.

To tax (or strain) is another –
to go through a trial

The trick, said Lao Tzu, is to act
without trying – strive without distress;

non-doing within non-duality.
Surrender is the ultimate abandonment

of attempt and strain –
an unimaginable state

in which we live without strife,
neither enduring nor causing friction,

illimitable, amenable drops dissolved
in the oceanic whim and will of God.

O child of (that same) God, everything,
says Lao Tzu, is won by those who let it go.

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