Monday, April 2, 2012

Finding grace

Finding grace                                                                                   

Mehera asked, years ago, why You chose
so barren a place for Your ashram

(and Your Tomb) ... landscape of dust 
and thorns; scorpions, cobras and kraits.

Then, My lovers, You said,
will come only for Me ... nothing else.

These days, You’ve turned
much of my world into dust and thorns --

a bleak, prickly terrain
devoid of sustenance and satiation,

rife with scrapes, stings and venom,  
so that each day, I show up ... only for You

and when side-tracked, return ... only to You,
as the friendly ground shrivels

and the periphery grows wilder,
more and more, finding grace

in the isolation and disparity,
in eccentricity, disillusionment and despair.

O child of God, rejoice when your life becomes a Tomb
in the desolate region of a strange land.


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