Saturday, December 27, 2014

Love Itself

Love Itself                                                                                                

Everyone is a Baba lover.
Most don’t know the phrase

or use the name.  Those who do,
even the ones who consider Him

mad or a fraud, self-indulgent, evil,
love Him and serve Him

in their own limited and inimitable way –
can’t we imagine this? 

Can’t we grant Him this much?
Everyone loves God, don’t they? 

Even those who’ve given up
or never knew or profess not to believe.

What else can love be (and from whence)?
What other object can love be for

in hearts that long, the force
that propels all life, all humanity

towards beauty, mercy, perfection, bliss?
Towards an ultimate quenching of loneliness?

What else can that love be for . . . but for God? 
The ineliminable and ubiquitous God and for Love Itself.

O child of God, everyone is a Baba lover,
each in his own limited and inimitable way.

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