Saturday, December 24, 2011

I love love best

I love love best    
Gratitude roams the ruins of my heart –
tipping the scales in Your favor.

I’ve an urge to run through the streets
shouting Your name. 

Instead, I kneel and slowly burn.
Dawn bears the same fire on the eastern mullions.

It’s not so much that You love me
but that You give me love to give ...

more and more, more and more
and still yet more.

I know nothing of worthiness, except ...
it has everything and nothing to do with love!

O reader!  What might we discuss 
that you and I don’t already know?

Like the elephant in the dark –
everything is true at once!

I love love best as a fire in the chest – silently longing
for the whole house to become ash and cinder.

O child of God, what is there to say?
You are bewildered – inside and out.


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