Saturday, February 18, 2012

Invisible fingers

Invisible fingers

O Beloved, the learned man came to You with a list
of questions
and tore them up when he saw Your face.

Let me come to You tonight without the burden of words.
Let even this poetry I write be a form of silence.

At the pool of Bethesda, the angels didn’t sing,
but with invisible fingers, stirred the water.

Jesus asked the afflicted man, “Wilt thou be made whole?”
That is not a question to be answered with the mouth,
          but with a collapse of all interior obstructions.

O Beloved, I will be made whole when You and I are One.
Then, I will be full of words but with no one to hear.

For my mouth will be Your silent mouth;
my questions answered from the inside.

O child of God, long for a world of silence
with no need for words to bridge the gap.

                          (from The Garden of Surrender)

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