Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rose from the ruins

Rose from the ruins                                                                           

Did you hear about the fellow who swallowed the moon?
Don’t be silly.  He didn’t swallow the moon -- it grew inside Him, 

from a seed, there from the beginning – dark when new,
but after a time, waxing too large to hide.

Each time He opened His mouth, a wondrous light
He decided to keep His mouth shut – for the sake
of everyone involved.

But the moon shone through His tousled hair,
the pores of His skin,
within the deep pools of His eyes. 

He trailed moon dust everywhere He went.
And when the shell of His body broke under the strain,

the moon escaped, rose from the ruins
and graced the tender sky above His Tomb.

Now His lovers are known as lunatics,
who invite the world to join in their madness!

O child of God, if your Beloved is Who He says He is,
He’ll be around long after the moon has passed away.

                           (from A Jewel in the Dust)

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