Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sweetheart deal

Sweetheart deal                                                       

You spoke of a hidden treasure.
I began ransacking my house.

Neighbors witnessed the obsessive lunacy –                               
turning convenient arrangements into utter chaos.

Thieves enter my dwelling now,
have a good laugh and go home.

Underneath, we must all be great beings–
else our suffering has no meaning.

Perhaps you’ve found a soul mate
who’s come by a different route

but who has evolved in a similar way. 
Meher Baba is the soul mate of the world,

the Great Strider, flag-bearer,
breaker of the ribbon strung across infinity. 

His journey is your journey.
His journey is your journey.

This Avatar business is a sweetheart deal –
how did I ever sneak into the movie house
and find a seat on the third row?

O child of God, allow Meher Baba to simplify your life –
turning your ten thousand desires into One.
                          (from A Jewel in the Dust)

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