Saturday, July 6, 2013

The great disrobing

The great disrobing

Honor the sadra beneath the glass,
far from the flesh it touched,

the Reality, even farther;
beyond form and farther still ...

until you reach your own immortality.
Honor the sadra beneath the glass,

flesh hovering gently without
the safe, smooth surfaces 

but, in the spirit, treat it roughly --
a stepping stone or, makeshift sail,

a knotted escape out the window,
a hastily wound turban in the noonday sun.

Taken from His body to aid in the great disrobing,
the nakedness it must all come down to,

a sadra should not only bend the knee
but break the heart and let the grace flow

from every deep and chambered encounter
with the One Who remains beyond ever

the reach of symbol, ritual, sanctification,
sentimentality and every palpable form.

O child of God, bow down to the holiness
within your own chest.


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