Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A superior baptism

A superior baptism

I'm not the least bit nostalgic
for earlier times You broke the bread

of my body and dipped it
in Your blood red wine;

lit the plaited fuse, soaked the sponge in fire.
What a preposterous creature --

under the influence 
of a faith so absolute it couldn't fit

inside my head, my mouth, my body;
a faith -- the ocean itself --

in which I swam and breathed.
I don't want to go back down

the way I came.  The catch
is this -- faith without proof is, perhaps,

a thousand kisses stronger in the clenches,
a barrel full of heady wine; my tears

a superior baptism; my hand above the flame
the needed tempering for a greater joy.

To a green heart, You once gave grace --
jubilant wonder and faith unforced,

its tattered shell and remnants now,
dear and sacred as any proof I might bear.

O child of God, your Father gives what's necessary --
else, the least to the greatest faiths are all in vain.


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