Saturday, September 15, 2018

This inherent buoyancy

This inherent buoyancy                                                                          

Drown in My Ocean, said my Lord.
Perhaps that begins with a lonely,

formidable attempt to swim across it.
Enter the cold bitterness, pushing beyond

the breakers, far from the populated shore.
How soon we lose our bearings!

Weary, no longer able to plumb
the depths or determine a direction,

we find ourselves in a sort of drifting limbo
at the mercy of the Ocean’s shove and heave;

not a spit of sand in sight.  Drown, yes,
but how to go about it?  With this inherent

buoyancy, these lungs involuntarily
gasping every other moment for air.

I’m told I’m made of salt water  
but it doesn’t feel that way. 

It feels like I am a speck of synthetic debris
bobbing forever separately atop it.

O child of God, why mewl endlessly 
about a mystery much too deep to fathom? 

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