Saturday, August 8, 2015

To question a faith

To question a faith                                                                                   

To learn of truth, peruse the discourses of Meher,
scriptures of Jesus, the other Avatars,

enlightened Ones but not aloud.  Not aloud. 
Words are holy only chalked up in the human heart;

tainted upon the lips of anyone short of sainthood;
recited from ignorance and to advantage,

persuasion, impression, impassioning desires
and devotion; to prove someone in error or unworthy,

to question a faith, a path chosen or otherwise,
to belittle the infidels and besot the faithful;

in short, a perilous, unwieldy instrument
those noble, rousing phrases, in the wrong mouths

and ears, having little to do with truth,
much less compassion, divine love and God Himself.

O child of God, He remained silent, a simple clue
yielding much insight and inspiration.

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