Monday, December 3, 2018

Join the tended sparrows

Join the tended sparrows                                                                        

Everything is in God’s hands.
So says my faith and what a relief

to feel powerless and ineffectual –
personal culpability abdicated to karma’s iron law;

proceeding afresh without the capacity
to botch entirely my soul’s journey

or hurt any other except as just another
heedless agent of God’s inexorable will.

So let me stop now wrestling with my bindings,
join the tended sparrows in song-praise

among the God-noted leaves, above
the numbered grains and mustard seeds,

even to the corrupting moths and rust.
Let me celebrate these swaddling clothes;

tightly secured as I am until fully accountable/
acceptable to God and my destined ultimate liberty.

O child of God, whatever occurs is perfect
and whatever does not occur never could have been.

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