Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Confine yourself

Confine yourself                                                     

O Meher, You confined Yourself –
in the table-cabin, the bamboo cage,

in sundry mountain caves,
in a hut atop Tembi Hill;

in the crypt before ... and after
it became Your Tomb.

You confined Yourself –
in Your great Silence; in a human body.

You confined Yourself
to show how we might be free.
O pilgrim, retire now to the narrow,
holy cell of remembrance;     

fetter your mind and tongue
to the unyielding repetition of His name.

Confine yourself to God.
If God is not enough, what is?

O child of God, it’s Illusion that’s restrictive and tedious.
The Truth of Meher is boundless.


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