Saturday, November 10, 2012

Journeyman's cloak

Journeyman’s cloak                                                                        

Long you have wandered the desert.
Enter now the palace of the King.

His only requirement –
remove your filthy coat.

Possessions, He does not demand,
nor the servitude of your body;

nor must the torch of your wisdom
and awareness be extinguished.

He demands only ... that illusory cloak
to which you so fanatically cling, be shed –

your journeyman’s cloak,
ragged, encrusted, malodorous –

cloak of foreign alliance, of feigned separation;
cloak of provisional power and false dominion.

The King and the desert await you, pilgrim,
on either hand.  It’s your decision to make.

O child of God, the bargain was struck ages ago.
Take it now ... or leave it.


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