Saturday, November 22, 2014

Benefit of the doubt

Benefit of the doubt

The opposite of love is not hate
but indifference - the great sin

which comes from innocence
and its accompanying ignorance,

intoxication, insensitivity and immaturity.
When you doubt God's existence

give God the benefit.
Pore over the scriptures,

rather than the opposing arguments;
better yet, plumb the heart's depths

and its necessities.  Ask Him
yourself whether or not

He exists and ask yourself
whether or not He is essential to your existence.

You might discover after a time
meditative and contemplative

attentiveness to God
reaps benefits which are in fact

the God-sent answer and affirmation
your doubting mind seeks.

O child of God, give God the benefit of the doubt,
fear and loneliness which at times overwhelms you.

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