Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Great Given

The Great Given

Until You entered the equation ...
God was ever the unknown Variable.

Upon Your silent vow, Impeccable Witness,
God is now the Great Given.  The Great Given.

Has forever been the Great Given --
the Original, Irreducible Indivisible.

But, the problem remains -- how to reach God.
Only when the evidence piles up around our ears

does non-existence become a possibility.
When the palette through the glass

is strained into one explosive point,
when delight becomes distraction,

insight -- impediment; conclusions disallowed,
when every kiss is a sharp, bloody spur

and the analysis not worth the flesh
into which it is seared, then ...

the Great Given might appear
in the footlights to sort out

and reclaim a piece of Itself
among the scattered and lost debris.

O child of God, if the problem is insoluble .. why endure
this constant ache in your chest and head?


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