Saturday, November 3, 2012

Your silent veracity

Your silent veracity                                                                          

Images and portraits flow
from Your hands through the medium

of silence to further impress,
expose and illustrate the emptiness

of the dream itself ... yet, still I am moving
toward another silence,

down to the stems and seeds,
pulling on the same dry teat,

trusting to the flesh of the heart 
and other charlatans and infidels 

(being merely human) clustered
around the solitary, lonely point of self.

Lessons in the blood, 
(I’ve spent lifetimes learning) –

the tongues of sham and pretense,
the conceit of fantasy far from truth,

the ineffectual cry and hue of the world –
Your eloquence evoked for some

forty-four years in exquisite silence –
but, are, these latter years, more acutely binding,

razor-sharp, glaringly apparent in the light of Your beauty,
purity, holiness and Your ceaseless, silent veracity.

O child of God, as Truth is beyond words,
so Illusion is beyond substance and sustenance.


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