Saturday, July 28, 2012

The inconvenience of words

The inconvenience of words                                                          

Shambles.  My life is in shambles.
You give a wink – now we may begin,

shambling together toward a new goal.
Speak only when spoken to –

the Silent One advises.
And, of what you hear –

take it on faith ... until you finally
abandon that faith for a larger one.

Truth doesn’t come in bright boxes;
love doesn’t come entombed in the flesh;

happiness is not met demands,
nor sorrows avoided.

It’s not peace instead of pain but ...
surrender ... instead of ... everything ... else.

Shambles lead to more shambles,
shambles upon shambles until

an island emerges ... in this life or another,
the tongue, ear and brain growing lax

and truth spoken/heard
beyond the inconvenience of words.

O child of God, no pouring of new wine into old skins,
nor the building of a new house on a rotting foundation.


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