Saturday, August 20, 2016

The green promise

The green promise       

A wedding in Cana –
Jesus saving the best for last,

turning water into wine.
A wedding come about 

and then transfiguration - 
bread and water becoming bread and wine 

on the tongues of true believers; 
then, a conception: a new, double life 

and an offspring,the little child 
you must become, father to the man.

An exchange of vows and a green promise, 
a sweet new crush after the ripening - the best for last. 

O pilgrim, through these daunting times 
in your life and the world, drink to that 

best for last - the sweet crush, the green promise 
and the saving of the best for last, the best for last.

O child of God, to reach the Oneness
get drunk enough to obliterate all boundaries.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Only God

Only God      

It comes about – this happening
and no one can explain it; this identification,

this attachment – it doesn’t mean you exist.
Surrounded by these arising sensual events,

but who and where is their hub,
not to mention their origin?

Can you just conjure up a figure?
Create a somebody out of nothing?

Lifelong attachment results from
the notion you exist; a center around which

the senses circumambulate,
from which thoughts and feeling arise,

wherein histories accumulate . . . as well
as the attachment to the flesh and the material

which seals your fate yet again –
and that is you; you’ll be back

treading the same old mill
lifetime after lifetime

simply because you cannot accept
the implacable reality that you do not exist.

O child of God, only God is real. 
Only God.  Little ol’ you do not exist.

An uncharted river

An uncharted river         

A kind of madness – unable to walk
the same uncluttered aisles;

sit in the same designated pew,
hands folded quietly in your lap.

Your eccentricity hidden out of reverence
and because they wouldn’t understand.

You’ve dropped the things
you’re supposed to care about;

your interests few.
Old friends (who never really were)

have drifted away
while you have left behind

your loved ones, for their sake,
to go searching for the eternal connection.  

You follow the flow of an uncharted river
as you push toward oblivion and wonder

when this latest rug will be pulled
out from under your feet.

O child of God, should it be surprising
that the new life is nothing like the old?

Friday, July 22, 2016

The One Who never leaves

The One Who never leaves            

We come into this world, we grow up,
grow old and leave, or so it seems.

This existence we are born into,
stays and we go, or so it seems.

But Meher came to say, I never leave.
Isn’t it wonderful that I never leave?

O pilgrim, we are the One Who never leaves.
We are the One – pilgrim, a misnomer –

Who never goes anywhere.  Never fades away. 
We are the still river the bridge flows through. 

Ceaselessly around Us, Illusion arises,
then is destroyed – ephemeral, temporal

within the limits of space and time; ceaselessly,
around the One eternal existence which is Us,

Illusion comes and goes – around the Creator,
the Observer, the One Who never leaves.

O child of God, maya is the erroneous notion
that you are born, live and die.