Thursday, February 14, 2019

Wondrous to consider

Wondrous to consider                                                                               

It’s wondrous to consider
I might consciously be God right now

if I didn’t take so much delight in being
my vain, silly scoundrel of a self.

All the evidence is now in
indicating that to reach Paradise

I will have to leave my front porch.
Routinely, I sift through my verifications

calling it prayer, meditation, study and praise.
It’s much safer and easier than to risk the task

of true effacement.  Easier to sit tight
in this familiar old rocking chair

than trekking out into that lonely, austere terrain.
Repeatedly, I lament my predicament

and yet time and again – still –
I choose myself over God.

O child, impossibly difficult, Meher Baba said,
to become what you already are.

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