Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Such dark solace

Such dark solace                                

The Prayer of Repentance we are assigned
to be scrubbed clean not only of our sins,

like the blood-washed lovers of Jesus,
but perhaps also of our guilt.

Guilt, the mystics say, being a fear of the past. 
Repentance and forgiveness –

that we might not worry and be happy. 
That we might be reminded of gently

and acknowledge our bindings, ignorance
and frailties, the various enigmatic directions

our lives bend and break toward in God’s great scheme.
That we might seek and accept entirely

the truth of our own immaculate being.  
Blasphemous to cling to guilt, a self-indulgence,

the ego’s attempt to chastise itself into purity   
and thus face not karma’s dogged law.

Such dark solace, they say, is almost impossible to forego,
the clandestine punishment, the cloak and comfort

of our culpability, and stand before God joyously naked,
utterly trusting, free of any separative stain. 

O child of God, Meher said there is nothing to forgive,
yet He grants forgiveness and authors the Prayer.

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