Friday, October 5, 2018

Think of Noah

Think of Noah                                                                                         

Start your own project, Rumi advised. 
As absurd as Noah laboring daily

in the sandy shade of the ship’s hulk,
not a drop to show for all his devotion,

his lofty pronouncements and endeavors.
His self-opposition far harder to ignore

than the public’s derision, those habitual lapses
of faith and resolve – empty, arid days,

nights of isolation and confusion,
seductive arguments for capitulation and abandonment.

And doubt!  Would it not all come down
to a great dusty naught?  Start your own project,

Rumi advised, constructed daily –
the ribs of an inward, sturdy vessel

contrary to your own and all apparent
worldly reason, wisdom and evidence.

O child of God, whenever you distrust
your inner God-directed duties, think of Noah.

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