Saturday, October 20, 2018

The silence of Meher

The silence of Meher                                                                         

You began Your ministry at a loss for words
amidst the human misery and longing,

enmity and despair.  What words to add
after three thousand years

of empty rhetoric and the true teachings
skewed and obfuscated, almost never penetrating   

either hearts or heads?
Best to go back to a clean slate,

a new language older than clay,
not intended for mouth nor ear,

straight to the heart,
pinning Your fortunate lovers to the wall,

communicating through
the quivering shaft of your arrow.

And not just Your lovers (You say),
all of Creation and only incrementally

have I come to accept, mutely enrapt,
the power and primacy of your wordless awakenings.

O child of God, so many verses you have spent (!)
trying to express the silence of Meher.

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