Saturday, September 1, 2012

The gum of zikr

The gum of zikr                                                                                

Erase yourself or help out
by letting go the string

that conducts the tinny voice
of childhood and your subsequent stages’

accumulated impressions, moods
and prejudices to the living moment,

constituting the pernicious illusion
of who you were, are and will be;

sever the continuity of personal history
from the objective present, turning

towards the image and/or
name of the Beloved, refusing to enable,

from moment to moment,
that ghost of a mischief-maker,

letting it drift away like a lost kite,
evanesce into an ethereal sky,

amounting to the nothingness
it always was and always is,

letting go of the string,
letting go of the string,

letting go again and again
and still yet again of the string.

O child of God, take up the gum of zikr
and rub yourself out. 

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