Saturday, February 28, 2015

Your illusory grudges

Your illusory grudges

The prisoner escaped, took a beautiful
hostage up into the mountains;

demanded a pardon for her ransom.
Despite bloodstained hands,

a lack of memory
of the night in question, he remained

self-righteously sure of his innocence.
He fell for his captive,

cutting her bonds, her blindfold loosened,
placed the pistol in her fingers,

knelt before her and surrendered.
Whatever you think is just, he told her.

Those stolen hours in her presence
the culmination of a life on earth, enough, enough,

the justification of his imprisonment,
the ecstatic release of his surrender

suddenly worth more than liberation,
vindication, absolution, the future victory.

O child of God, renounce your illusory grudges
and receive the immediate wonderment of God.

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