Saturday, October 11, 2014

God's gift

God's gift

Enjoy this moment God has made
knowing full well

you have no right to joy -
not having earned it,

not owning it nor having created it.
It's purely a gift you can never possess,

slipping invariably through your fingers.
Endure the suffering moments, too, God gives,

knowing you do not own suffering
and have not earned it.

Hope's tendency is for joy while the teachings
emphasize the efficacy of suffering.

We pray for one; not the other
but, God gives neither joy nor pain;

God's gift is life - the undivided
experience and awareness of it -

the ecstasy and horror, love and bitterness,
pride and grief, the gentility and brutality of it all.

O child of God, to accept the gift of God,
accept the total, eternal ownership of the Giver.

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