Saturday, September 28, 2013

Just shining

Just shining

You are the Light of the world
and light makes no sound.  It just shines.

Those who couldn't see the Light asked for words.
You pointed out certain arrangements

resembling the Light and later wrung from the air
approximations that delighted Your lovers --

they printed up cards, pamphlets,
magazines and books.  How sad for You,

at times, also, for the Mandali, Your flesh ablaze,
eyes aglow, the roaring fire inside

and Your lovers in their blind faith
praise and bow and plaintively beseech You

for descriptions of the Light.  For evidence,
for instructions; for intimations,

for directions to the Light.  O my Lord,
You are the Light of the world

and You took birth to shine Your Truth,
silently; silent -- just shining.  Just shining.

O child of God, he who is blind, let him 
muck about in the business of words.


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